Wildlife Volunteer Thailand

Welcome to WFFT Volunteer Projects

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) – Wildlife Volunteer Thailand – was founded in 2001 by a Dutch man named Edwin Wiek. WFFT’s mission is to protect, rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife that has been mistreated, usually at the hands of the illegal wildlife trade. We are hoping to protect these species from extinction, and we are passionate about providing an ethical experience where volunteers can make a difference as well as being educated about the illegal wildlife trade and the animals that are abused in the tourism industry.

We are always in need of volunteer support to ensure we give our animals the best care and a better future, whether this is by return to the wild or a lifetime of care. The majority of our work is funded through our volunteer scheme so we are always glad for the support. We currently run three projects: the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC), the Elephant Refuge (ER) and the Wildlife Hospital (HOSP). Our projects all run from one location in rural Thailand, about 160km southwest of Bangkok. This means you can combine volunteering projects and help in many different ways.

We value long term commitment, so the longer you stay the cheaper it becomes. Please follow the links below to learn more about Wildlife Volunteer projects and how you can help.

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand has been without foreign volunteers since March 2020 – it has been the toughest time in our more than 20 years of existence. Now, in light of the recent easing of travel restrictions and more to come, WFFT is now officially re-open to international volunteers and we cannot wait to welcome you! 

Please join us in 2021 and 2022 and help get WFFT back on its feet. We need you!

We are offering a 15% discount on four+ week stays at our wildlife rescue centre between November 2021 and April 2022. Book now and help our 700 rescued animals!

WRC have over 600 animals that we need your help to look after. As a WRC volunteer you will help look after more than 10 species of primates including gibbons, macaques and orangutans; bears, otters, civets, reptiles, birds and many more.

From: 350 €

As an Elephant Refuge volunteer, you will help feed our 20+ Asian elephants, clean their enclosures, create enrichments, harvest banana trees and grasses and a variety of other maintenance work around the centre. We are proud to be Asia’s first chain-free sanctuary.

From: 375 €

WFFT’s Wildlife Hospital was the first ever wildlife hospital in Thailand. Qualified vets, vet technicians and vet students can volunteer with our vet team, observing and assisting with care of both wild and domestic animals.

400 € per week

People & Animals Thailand

Welfare Clinic


People And Animals Thailand (PAT) is the latest volunteering project set up by WFFT to help tackle the problem of stray dogs and cats in the country.

A new clinic has opened between Cha-am and Hua Hin offering free neutering and vaccination to street animals. The clinic is modern, well equipped and provides a pleasant working environment where you can come and help make a real difference to the domestic animals of Thailand. Using modern techniques and equipment you can gain valuable experience in high volume neutering surgery in a sterile and well organised environment.

Vet volunteers and nursing help are equally required to assist our permanent team. In addition non-veterinary professional volunteers can assist in the daily running of the clinic as well as helping take care of the animals. Using minimally invasive techniques and modern anaesthetics we take and return animals to the streets on the same day. Comfortable accommodation is provided on site with air-conditioned private rooms.

The clinic is open 5 days per week and volunteers are taken in weekly bookings. The clinic is a short distance from the beach and close to the major tourist towns of Hua Hin and Cha-am. The volunteering fee helps cover the costs of the clinic and if you are a dog and cat lover we can guarantee your stay will make a real long term difference to the problem of street cats and dogs in Thailand.

Volunteering at PAT can be combined with any of the other volunteering projects at WFFT and transport between them will be arranged.