Wildlife Volunteer Programs


The world’s animals are in need of help, due to deforestation, the illegal wildlife trade for exotic pets, consumption of wildlife, and worldwide pollution.

This all is caused by greed, corruption and lack of education. The wildlife volunteer projects you find on this website are trying to make a difference, in need of people like you to make this change a successful one!

On this page you will find wildlife volunteer projects located in South East Asia, Thailand in particular, where volunteers are wanted to help out at wildlife rescue centers, conservation projects and research facilities. Volunteering with animals in these parts of the world where the illegal wildlife trade is at it’s worst can make a huge difference for the animals under the care of the wildlife rescue projects, and have a direct impact on the conservation of the animals still in the wild due to education projects at the facilities towards the local community showing that wildlife conservation and animal welfare do go hand-in-hand.


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