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Why volunteer?

When you volunteer with our wildlife, you get amazing opportunities to be close to our animals, care for them and provide for them. Not only do you have amazing experiences with our wildlife, but you help our centers in many different ways.

When you volunteer with our sanctuaries and wildlife rescue centers:

You hard work 

Many of our animals have been abused and housed in horrible conditions for many years. You give them a better life. At our projects you work to feed and care for our animals. You enrich there lives, clean their enclosures and provide for them. You give them the attention they never had. We encourage like minded people to come together and work hard and share ideas all to fight for the same cause.

You help wildlife

The financial contribution you make to us not only covers your food, accommodation and associated costs, a part of it goes to the continued work of our rescue centers. It helps us pay for our rescue services, our wildlife hospitals, campaigns for better welfare and protection for wildlife, as well as operational costs such as our animals food, housing and enrichment, staff costs and the upkeep of our center. When you volunteer with us you will see where your contribution goes.

You become educated and help raise awareness

When you come and work with our wildlife and care for them you become aware of the lives many of these animals came from and are motivated to help other wildlife. We want you to go home and share what you learn with our wildlife with your friends and family and help them make choices that do not affect wildlife.

You become part of the change

Be Ethical…

By choosing an ethical form of tourism you are not only contributing to help those animals at our projects, but helping show other tourism ventures that you do not support the abuse and neglect of animals such as elephant shows and trekking, tiger patting, and wildlife photo opportunities at bars and night clubs.

Be Aware…

When you volunteer you also become aware of the issues facing wildlife around the world. Many species of wildlife are threatened at the hands of the illegal wildlife trade for ‘traditional’ medicines and pets, in tourism ventures that abuses animals and takes there freedom for money and through the loss of habitat leaving no where for animals to live free. When you educated yourself  and work closely with our animals, you become aware of the choices that you make affect wildlife, you are part of solution by telling friends and family to join the fight for justice of wildlife.

Be Part of the Solution…

When you volunteer with wildlife around the world, not only do you have the opportunity to be close to beautiful and amazing creatures, you are part of the solution, part of the efforts to save and protect species and their habitats. When you stop visiting elephant camps, tiger shows, and having pictures with animals at night clubs,  the abuse and torture stop too. When this stops, animals stop being taken from the wild. When animals are in the wild they have a chance at surviving into the future.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Wish to help ? In order to keep all our projects running, WFFT relies on your donations.

Without caring people donating to the Wildlife Friends of Thailand, we would be find it very difficult to continue our valuable work.

You can donate via Paypal or by direct transfer to the following :


“Wildlife Friends Foundation”
Siam Commercial Bank
Thayang Branch
Petchaburi province
Acc: 708-208086-6


(registered foundation in The Netherlands)
“Wildlife Friends International”
ING Bank / account-number: 7243182
Haarlemmerdijk 97
1013 KD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

WFFT Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
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